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We carry a full line of Hanover® Architectural Products. We are committed to providing quality concrete paving products and offering many different types of pavers in unique shapes, aggregate or color blends, and surface textures.

Pavers Pavers

Retaining Walls

We sell installation supplies for your pavers and wall stone: Polymeric sand, gatordust, paver edging, spikes and stone for the base. Our wall stones have been faced, most having return ends for corners, so they will lay neatly to save installation time.

Retaining Walls Retaining Walls


Cornerstone® blocks are ideal for everything from residential landscaping to large commercial projects. Cornerstone® retaining walls offer the perfect combination of structural strength and aesthetic beauty.

Cornerstone Retaining Walls Cornerstone Retaining Walls

Paver Yard

Cornerstone Retaining Walls

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