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Flag Stone

Cut Flagstone

Square and rectangles fit together for a formal entrance of casual patio pattern. Perhaps you need a countertop by the grill? Cut flagstone also caps a wall to prevent moisture from loosening the stones below. Colors vary from lilac, to off-color-blue, green and grey. Thermal flagstone is sawn to uniform thickness and torched for natural texture. Natural cleft is more irregular in thickness since it is split on a natural crack. cut to 6" increments.

Cut Flagstone Cut Flagstone

Irregular Flagstone

The natural edges and shapes of irregular flagstone makes it perfect for footpaths and patios. Colors vary in green, brown, grey, off color blue, or lilac. Natural cleft flagstone is split on a natural crack which gives it the irregular thickness. Stacked vertical on skids for easy handling.

Irregular Flagstone Irregular Flagstone

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