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15-5-5 With Trimec Weed & Feed

Spring greenup fertilizer with weed control. Apply in the spring after ground temperature is above 60 degrees and weeds have begun active growth (approx May 15th) but before summer heat (approx July 15th)

20-5-10 With 50% SCU

A basic lawn fertilizer with high nitrogen content to green up your lawn. Use it in spring of early summer to give your lawn a boost to put forth that bright green color.

18-3-6 With Dimension Crabgrass Control

Spring greenup fertilizer with crabgrass control. Apply in the spring when the forsythia begins to blossom until the blossoms drop (approx 2-3 week window)

16-28-10 With 25% SCU

Provides nutrition for new lawn establishment, giving seedlings the boost the need for quick growth and strong structure. It can also be used as a fall fertilizer on established lawns to promote good lawn health going into the winter season.

Grass Seeds

Penn State Supreme

This mixture contains more bluegrass than our pro Landscape, requiring a higher degree of maintenance. A little slower to establish, it will develop into a strong beautiful lawn for sunny to moderately shaded areas. Use for new lawn establishment.


Annual rye grass has been added to this mixture for quicker establishment. The annual rye grass will disappear after the first year, and the perennial grasses will remain to provide you with a permanent lawn that will do well on most soil types and requires minimum maintenance. Use as an economical lawn mix.

Premium Mixture

Tolerates drought and poor soil conditions. Turf type tall fescue varieties are fine bladed and blend well with perennial rye grass for quick establishment and bluegrass for fill in. This lower maintenance mixture is a home lawn favorite. Use for new lawn establishment.

Four Star Perennial Rye Grass Blend

This is a premium blend of fine textured perennial rye grasses designed for a quick-to-establish and fast-growing lawn. Ryegrasses provide quick permanent fill-in for thinning lawn areas and play areas.

Contractors Mixture

A temporary mixture that contains at least 90% annual Rye grass, this mix should only be used in areas that require quick, temporary, inexpensive cover. Not recommended for home lawns.

Shady Mixture

A mix of shade tolerant grasses will improve performance in shaded lawn areas and help maintain grasses where sun-loving varieties fail to survive.

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